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We do this by Measuring physical phenomena within the surrounding environments, water, ground, air and space with the latest in innovative sensor technology. Capturing and recording these phenomena with advanced data acquisition systems. Storing the data into a ‘fit for purpose’ database and reporting systems.Emulating environments through precise control and database playback. Defining, planning, and execution testing to improve performance. The acquired results provide valuable insights into the present performance and identify areas that will offer significant improvements to business, both technically and commercially.



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Address: 11900 Parklawn Drive Suite 420, Rockville, Maryland
Phone: 301-984-4193




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Spectrum Defender - RF record & playback solution

Spectrum Defender™ is a complete solution for detection, capture, analysis and reproduction of RF signals in today’s congested and hostile electromagnetic spectrum. Four software components form the core of Spectrum Defender: Surveyor, Recorder, Player and Reviewer. These software components are compatible with a wide variety of different instrumentation hardware, with frequency ranges from 20Hz to 14GHz, and analysis/record/reproduction bandwidths of up to 100MHz/channel. Two additional software components, EMSEC Basic and EMSEC Advanced, extend Spectrum Defender’s capabilities to Emission Security (EMSEC) applications.



ADS has co-developed an advanced database storage and reporting platform called AcquireIT. AcquireIT is based on polymorphic knowledge objects allows quick deployment and dynamic adaptability to changing processes. Three intrinsic knowledge technologies are integrated: Workflow and lifecycle management design provide “context” to information flows. Roles-based interaction principals allow multidisciplinary capture of expertise and provide specialized dash-board and streamlined workflows for each perspective. System design separates the software core from application domain and user content: A key to system robustness without sacrificing dynamic flexibility. Flexibility all in one place AcquireIT captures the data from our data acquisition systems, providing a seamless integration of all your measurement data. This data once stored can be analyzed by the powerful built in reports. AcquireIT can also be modified easily to meet your specific needs. This can be done by ADS or your own in house developers. The flexibility of design ensures that your data, whatever you are measuring can be stored, analyzed and reported on quickly and easily.



ADS using SmartSense technology has produced the 1st Electromagnetic Interference free Vibration and Acoustic monitoring system, SmartVib. SmartVib captures real-time data from optically based accelerometers and microphones from 0.1 Hz to 200 KHz.



Case Studies

Multi-channel RF Spectrum Monitoring

Challenge: Build a foot-print optimized system for spectrum monitoring of multiple satellite transponders in order to:  Ensure compliance with FCC mandated power and spectral mask limits  Detect any intermittent spurious transmissions or anomalous events



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