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We do this by Measuring physical phenomena within the surrounding environments, water, ground, air and space with the latest in innovative sensor technology. Capturing and recording these phenomena with advanced data acquisition systems. Storing the data into a ‘fit for purpose’ database and reporting systems.Emulating environments through precise control and database playback. Defining, planning, and execution testing to improve performance. The acquired results provide valuable insights into the present performance and identify areas that will offer significant improvements to business, both technically and commercially.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 1997


Years as Alliance

11 to 25 Employees


$1 million - under $5 million
Annual Revenue

26 to 50
Projects Per Year



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Communications Equipment


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NI Hardware

PXI Streaming & Synchronization


NI Software


LabVIEW Real-Time





Address: 11900 Parklawn Drive Suite 420, Rockville, Maryland United States
Phone: 301-984-4193


Address: Unit 10 Fordingbridge Business Park Ashford Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7879 202272




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Company Certifications

Facility Security Clearance – FCL



Personnel Security Clearance - PCL

Professional Engineer


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Spectrum Fidelity ZX

Acquired Data Solutions, Inc. (ADS), using National Instruments, Inc. (NI) platform, is pleased to announce the next generation of RF Emulation and Capture (EAC) Systems, an eight-channel, 200 MHz bandwidth/channel Playback/Record System using the NI VST PXle-5840 (aka VST 2.0).


Drone Detect System

The Drone Detect System is the first full acoustic and visual detection system providing location, classification, and alarms. 150m+ minimum active detection/classification range with alarm lock and 360 degree video stream. System design provides detection range of 1+km with algorithm improvements currently under development.


Vibration and Optical Measurement Solution

ADS offers a complete system of vibration and acoustic analysis and monitoring solutions from sensors to analysis software. Our sensors are based upon a tested and patent technology licensed from the US NRL. These intensity modulated optical sensors usable in multiple scenarios. Are systems included the electro-optical interface with data available to a host of acquisition platforms.




Hardware Products

SGVA-201 Signal Generator Waveform Amplifier (+-20V, 400mA output)

The signal generator waveform amplifier, takes the output from any signal or function generator and amplifies it to +-20V output with a direct current drive capacity of 400Ma. This is enough to drive most servo systems directly. It will take the output directly from any NI D/A or signal generator board


Software Products

PC based Digital XY Plotter and limit tester

Our PC based Digital XY Plotter software suite enables you to turn your PC or laptop into a fully functioning X-Y plotter, Time-base chart recorder and Automated limit or mask tester. It uses the NI cDAQ hardware for rugged operation





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