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GPower is among the leading experts in Europe to build specialized measuring instruments, controllers, and signal generators for automation, simulation, and test projects. Based on leading-edge technology, an ongoing cooperation with some of the largest industrial enterprises in Northern Europe, and more than 20 years’ experience with NI hardware and software, including development of systems based on LabVIEW and TestStand, GPower has built up a strong foundation in terms of developing high-quality solutions for gathering measurements, generating signals, and saving data sets. Furthermore, GPower has the skill sets to combine NI’s hardware with proprietary software for the purpose of delivering affordable, high-quality instruments and test systems on time.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development, Software Consulting, System Integration

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Company Info


Established 2012


Years as Alliance

11 to 25 Employees




Top Industries


Consumer Electronics



Top Application Areas

Data Acquisition, Generation

Embedded Systems

Test and Measurement


NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series

Data Acquisition

Industrial Controllers

PXI Streaming & Synchronization

Vision Systems


NI Software




LabVIEW Real-Time






Address: Samsoevej 31 , Hinnerup, Denmark
Phone: +45-5190-5790




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Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




Software Products

GPower Expression Parser

GPower Expression Parser is a LabVIEW-toolset. The toolset is developed with the purpose of calculating numeric values on the basis of mathematical text strings in place of static function blocks. Furthermore, the Expression Parser supports more than 260 functions and mathematical constants, and it calculates values in any one of LabVIEW's 14 numeric data types. By means of GPower's Expression Parser, you will be able to convert math from text to numbers in your LabVIEW program at runtime.


GPower Toolsets

GPower Toolsets consist of 11 free tool palettes for LabVIEW with more than 1000 customised GPower VIs. The tool palette gives the LabVIEW programmer a number of unique functions that extend LabVIEW in key areas. Array, Error-handling, Math, Overflow Arithmetic, Timing, and VI registers just to name a few.



Case Studies

InsightCM – Condition Monitoring

In 2016, Danish wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, decided to upgrade several parts of their monitoring systems in their test center in Aarhus in Denmark with the purpose of analyzing and assessing the various components to see if they are running optimally. Specifically, they wished to upgrade a system, they use to monitor vibrations in transmissions and generators.


Simulation of wind turbines

Siemens has the need to test a lot when they develop their wind turbines. Since it is both expensive and space-consuming to have an entire park of wind turbines available and would be too dependent on weather conditions, we developed a wind turbine simulator instead that is less space-consuming and easier to duplicate than an actual, physical wind turbine.


Model-based test architecture

Danish power-generating solutions manufacturer, DEIF, had an excellent starting point since they used a standardized sequence-manager for their productions testing in form of TestStand from National Instruments. Besides test-sequences, TestStand is used to define a process model that defines the outlines for how a test should be carried out – what tasks to execute, in what order and under which circumstances. Unfortunately, this process model was static (in its construction) which meant a lot of work for DEIF when they wanted to alter the various outlines for their tests or wanted to upgrade to a newer version of TestStand. DEIF wished for a process model with a more flexible architecture.


Automation of tests

Manufacturer of dental equipment, Sirona, brought us this challenge: “We need to make the testing of our sterilizing autoclaves easier.” We solved this challenge by automating several tasks in their testing process. Not only did this automation reduce a lot of their time- and financial costs, but it also increased the safety of the testing process.




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