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Technical competence centre in electrical power and energy technology. Our research and operational assistance helps improve the flexibility, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of energy technologies in generation, transmission, distribution, storage and end-use. Specifically with NI, we help you and have products in math & data science, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, vibration, performance and optimization of (industrial) assets, Internet of Things,... Offices in - Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany), - Middle-East (United Arab Emirates), - South America (Chile). Laborelec is now part of ENGIE (GDF SUEZ), a world leader in energy.



Services Offered: New Product Development, System Integration

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Established 1962


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Condition Monitoring


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CompactRIO/Modular Embedded



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Address: Rodestraat 125 , Linkebeek, Belgium
Phone: +32 2382 02 11


Address: Amerikalaan 35 , Maastricht Airport, Maastricht Netherlands
Phone: +31 43 36 75 073

Address: Office 135-FD Level 1 Incubator Building, Masdar City, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 55 136 3688

Address: Apoquindo 3721, oficina 32 , Las Condes, Santiago Chile
Phone: +56 (9) 52 18 59 78




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ISO 9001



Project Management Professional - PMI


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How Predictive Maintenance of Turbines Improves Power Plant Operations

Online vibration monitoring system for large rotating machinery (turbogroups) with fluid film bearings such as steam turbines, gas turbines or large pumps. With local & remote data visualization, analysis features, intelligent alarming for the operators. Complementary to InsightCM, it focuses on large machinery with fluid film bearings.



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