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Established in 2011, the EAA CONSULT S/S Ltda is an engineering company based on South of Brazil. We are specialized in providing solutions in the field of Sound & Vibration. The team has highly trained professionals, with large theoretical and practical experience on S&V and NVH including design of sound chambers, designing products on noise reduction and performance improvement projects. We apply NI hardware and software on several projects related to S&V, such as Human Vibration Measurement, Automated Sound Measurement , Architectural Acoustics. Our focus is to provide consultant services on Sound&Vibration to other partners and NI clients. Recently we implemented the first independent acoustical and thermal chamber in Brazil to perform tests on home appliances for local industry.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development

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Established 2011


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Sound and Audio


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Address: rua Otto Boehm 48 América, Joinville, Brazil
Phone: +554734317318




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