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We support engineers and scientists developing new products with high-quality automated measurement systems. We specialise in building productive, flexible and trustworthy software for challenging measurement systems during the R&D process. That can be for design validation or prototyping new products.  Currently staffed by James McNally (CLA, CLED) with over 9 years experience across the NI product range and specialising in NI DAQ and FPGA technologies. Contact us below or visit our website (above) to get advice on if we can help you.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development, Software Consulting, Training & Startup Assistance

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Established 2014


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Electrical Machinery/Equipment

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Data Acquisition, Generation

Data Manipulation

Test and Measurement


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CompactRIO/R Series

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Address: Suite 14, Liberty House Greenham Business Park, Newbury, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1635 597171




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Case Studies

Advancing the design of the Blade Compressor®

We worked with engineers at Lontra to create a bespoke test cell logger capable of multiple rates and on the fly processing of data.


Sphere Fluidics Accelerates Product Development Cycle with Wiresmith Technology

When Sphere Fluidics needed to interface its microfluidics platform with scientific instrumentation for automated high-throughput mass spectrometry analysis, it turned to Wiresmith Technology’s proven skills.


National Grid UK Prepares Today for the Grid of Tomorrow

Wiresmith Technology provided development expertise for remote power quality analysers and a server application to collate and present data to National Grid's design engineers.


Developing accurate seismic load testing for Kingston University in London

To test structural elements, civil engineering researchers at London’s Kingston University need to gather accurate data. I helped them by developing simpler, more accurate system.




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