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Vidrio Technologies was established in 2013 for the purposes of commercializing laser scanning microscopy software, technologies and services. The company develops its own microscope control software called ScanImage that delivers researchers exquisite control of their microscopes and behavioral apparatus providing precise synchronization between imaging and behavior. Expertise at the company ranges across engineering, neuroscience and drug discovery providing a unique skill set that can solve even the most challenging lab automation problems. Our clients include world renowned academic institutions, non-profit neuroscience institutes and microscope manufacturers. We have detailed knowledge about and have provided solutions for real-time data processing and data acquisition. Vidrio can provide custom solutions for controlling instrumentation and automating laboratory tasks.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 2013


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Life Sciences


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Data Acquisition, Generation


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Data Acquisition


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Address: 44050 Ashburn Plaza Suite 195-683, Ashburn, Virginia United States
Phone: 5712094590




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