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At daq.io we provide professional consulting services and turn-key solutions for automated test&measurement as well as embedded control applications. Besides providing a deep understanding of LabVIEW and all NI hard- and software platforms, we develop professional web applications for monitoring and analyzing measurements. Our data insight platform daq.io delivers a flexible way to store and visualize measurement data in a network or on the cloud. LabVIEW plugins make it very easy to interface to the daq.io platform and reduce complexity and the overall time and cost to introduce these capabilities to existing or new systems. We can help add remote maintenance to your systems or improve insight into your manufacturing process.



Services Offered: Software Consulting

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Established 2015


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Test and Measurement


NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series


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Address: 1617 Boylston Ave , Seattle, Washington United States
Phone: 2069658248




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daq.io Toolkit for LabVIEW

The daq.io Toolkit lets you store and view your measurements from any web browser. No plugins or runtime engines are required to analyze distributed device data. Data can be hosted locally or in the cloud.




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