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AE Controls designs and builds both turn-key and custom power conversion systems for aerospace, automotive, renewable energies, and industrial applications. Our areas of expertise include high performance DC power supplies, high speed dynamometers and test stands, multi-port power converters for renewable energy applications, industrial process control and motion control, mining electrics, and more. AEC also builds cutting edge test equipment for a variety of industries and offers products to facilitate Power Hardware-in-the-Loop testing, PV Array emulation, Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Battery Pack emulation, Jet Turbine simulation, Combustion Engine simulation, and many other HiL applications.



Services Offered: System Integration

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Address: 8639 S 212th St , Kent, Washington United States
Phone: (253) 395-3003




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Hardware Products

High Performance DC Power Supplies

AE Controls builds high performance DC power supplies in the 30 kW to 5 MW range for automotive, aerospace, and renewable energies industries. These power supplies claim significantly higher control bandwidth and performance than the competition, and can be equipped with a wide array of features including HEV Battery Pack emulation, Solar (PV) Array emulation, and more.


Multi-port Power Converters for Renewable Energy Applications

AE Controls offers a wide array of multi-port power converters to tackle the toughest renewable energy applications in the 100 kW to 10 MW range. These power converters can be integrated into your system or packaged by AEC as a turn-key product for direct installation on-site. Our multi-port converters are based on our high performance, cost efficient Anderson Programmable Power (APP) platform which gives us the flexibility to engineer each solution to exactly match your needs.




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