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Since its founding in Madison, Wisconsin in 2005, Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) has designed and manufactured the World’s strongest commercial neutron generators. PNL’s commitment to commercializing nuclear technologies for practical applications has inspired our long-term goal of producing clean, fusion energy. With systems delivered having neutron yields up to 3 × 10^11 DD n/s. PNL’s solution utilizes a microwave ion source and a deuterium, tritium, or mixed species target. Targets are available in either self-loading solid or gaseous form, providing significantly increased neutron yields and lifetimes of up to 10 years. Capabilities formerly available only with a nuclear reactor or a radioactive source are now possible in-house with a PNL neutron generator.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development, System Integration

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Address: 2555 Industrial Drive , Madison, Wisconsin United States
Phone: 608-210-3060




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Medical - Domestic production of Moly-99

Phoenix Nuclear Labs enables SHINE Medical in the domestic production of Molybdenum-99.


Semiconductor - Ion Implantation

Phoenix’s core ion source and accelerator technology has been modified for ion implantation applications in the semiconductor industry.


Nondestructive Testing - Neutron Radiography

Neutron radiography and tomography are proven techniques for the nondestructive testing of manufactured components.


Defense - Explosives Detection

Phoenix Nuclear Lab's explosives detection system has the potential to save thousands of lives of both warfighters and civilians every year.


Defense - Radiation Effects Testing

The Phoenix system is an electronic, compact, high-energy neutron source that can be placed on-site to perform radiation effects testing.



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