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Chaban Technologies combines engineering abilities in hardware development, software development, and mechanics for the development of varied automatic testing devices. All of the department’s products are based on off-the-shelf, universal, standard and customized products that were developed and manufactured at Chaban. The variety of products offered, enables the client to receive the optimal support solution at every development stage of their final product, prototypes, transferring to manufacturing, and on hand support at every one of the end customer’s locations.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development, System Integration

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Company Info


Established 1995


Years as Alliance

26 to 50 Employees


101 to 150
Projects Per Year



Top Industries


Top Application Areas

Hardware Integration


NI Hardware

Data Acquisition


NI Software






Address: 27 Hanapach , Karmiel, Karmiel Israel
Phone: 972-4-9981010




NI Certifications

None Listed


Company Certifications

ISO 13485

ISO 14001

ISO 9001






Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Generic ATE for SPIKE system

Generic test equipment for testing the Spike Missile system and it’s sub assemblies, many of which are classified. The generic test equipment is based on a PC environment and high quality connection zero force Receiver interface (VPC). A combination of standard off–the shelf items, such as an industrial pc, which contains a variety of cards (A/D, D/A, DIO, etc.) AC PDU unit, DMM assy, Scope, a developed operating & interface assembly, several power supplies, Chaban Pc-mux32 card, Chaban pc-multi I/O (TTL, DS, DR, MUX) card, internal and external cables, and dedicated cards for signals adaptation. Through modular integration of these quality components, the test Equipment controls and monitors the measuring instruments and standard power supplies through GPIB communications and a (VPC) zero force adapter interface (ITA)


Battery Tester – Standards Institution of Israel ,Electrical Division

The test equipment is based on PC platform, and Combines standard off-the-shelf items such as data acquisition cards, with specialized but modular hardware And software components that are developed at Chaban such as self-test programs, Operating cards, and a specialized PC general Purpose cards and Adapters and signals multiplexes cards, custom air condition unit for maintaining the humidity and temperature steady. This combination of unique components provides the Test equipment maximal control of the ATE Components and the testing environment concurrently performs all acceptance and diagnostic testes of the S.I.I newest battery tester In CVI software environment


Iron Dome Launcher Tester

Rafael Iron Dome Missile Launcher unit. The test equipment is based on PC & PXI platforms. The test equipment is based on PC & PXI platform, and Combines standard off-the-shelf items such as, fast communication cards, V.P.C interconnect connectors, National Instrument data acquisition cards.




Software Products

Tauvex Satellite Telescope

Chaban Group Development of software and manufacture of the ATE for Elbit-Elop Tauvex Satellite Telescope. The test equipment is based on PC platforms, Software, as well as automatic test equipment for Elbit-Elop Tauvex Satellite Telescope.


Chaban MMI software

Chaban ATE MMI is an operating system design for management of all testing environment of the automatic test equipment. The MMI was developed in Lab Windows CVI environment. The MMI can provide a fully testing & controlling environment for develop of products and testing it.




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