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The heart of our services: A. Development of Automation and Control Systems, Motion, CAN LIN FlexRay, etc. KAIZEN-Pokayoke Systems - Quality Control with VISION Systems. B. Design and implementation of Work Stations, Tests Benches or Production Lines. We can also serve in the following areas: 1. SCADAs (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems). 2. Optimization of Industrial Processes, with online data acquisition. 3. Mechatronic Prototypes 4. Visual inspection Systems 5. Advanced Metrology and Data Acquisition. 6. Instrument control. 7. Monitoring and data recording. 8. Generation of complex reports. Traceability. 9. Intelligent data analysis, using complex and refined algorithms. 10. Visualization of results through modern and functional HMIs. 11. Assembly of mechanical devices 12. Retrofit of machines.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration, Training & Startup Assistance

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Established 2016


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6 to 10 Employees


11 to 25
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Address: Guanajuato Tecno Parque VIDA UG, Planta Baja Autopista Federal Guanajuato - Silao Km 3.8, Col. Capulín de la Cuesta, Silao, Guanajuato Mexico
Phone: 4731030459




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