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6TL's innovative test system concept can be strategic for any company who might be looking for a true modular base test solution and want to keep control over the delivery time, quality, support, and compatibility. Thanks to FastATE technology, test software engineers, typically focused on their software development expertise, will now appreciate being able to supply a turn-key test solution easily. Integration companies who sell turn-key test solutions and want a high quality, efficient, modular, base test platform with a short delivery time, complete with documentation and certification, will benefit from 6TL's products since they will focus mainly on their expertise, developing turn-key test solutions.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development, System Integration

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Set Top Box In Line Testing

The DUT is a DVB-S set-top box with the typical device features, including RF input, RF output, HDMI generation, RCA and SCART connectors for composite video broadcast signal (CVBS), RGB, audio, and infrared, for TV sets and VCRs


Developing a Specialized Test Bench for Aircraft Alternators

EADS needed to test the aforementioned alternators across the entire range of engine speeds by observing speed ramp profiles and alternators working against different resistive and inductive loads.


6TL Engineering Uses a Modular Architecture to Create Test Systems

Learn about FastATE Technology to integrate test systems. FastATE is based on integrating an ATE by putting together modules, each of them covering a recurrent task on every test system for electronics


Solution Datasheet: FastATE Technology

Build your ATE Systems Using Modular Blocks



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