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Step Automation and Test (Step AT) provides communications and control products and services for industrial, embedded and real-time control applications. As a leading National Instruments Alliance Partner, Step AT brings deep technical expertise in NI LabVIEW programming and a variety of control hardware to the manufacturing, energy, and academic industries.



Services Offered: System Integration

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Established 2007


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Embedded Systems

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Address: 70 avenue de Rome , La Seyne sur mer, France
Phone: +334(94)628-680




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Hardware Products


ANTS is a stackable, single board computer for embedded systems with customizable features, a wide range of communication protocols, and a tiny form-factor with low power consumption. This flexible, off-the-shelf platform is based on NI LabVIEW for ARM and is well suited for industrial and embedded applications using simplified graphical programming for a fast, out-of-box experience


IoT Box

The «IOT Box» provides a generic hardware platform with high connectivity to collect large amount of data in various scenarios and push them to historian database or IoT cloud using lightweight protocol such as MQTT


LoRa CompactRIO Module

A LoRaWAN wide area network allows low bit rate communication from and to connected objects, thus participating to Internet of Things, machine-to-machine M2M, and smart city. This module allows CompactRIO to be used as an end-device on LoRa networks


Software Products

LogBook Toolkit

Trap, store, display all events in your LabVIEW application using a set of Vis for programmers who want to add events tracking feature to their apps.



Case Studies

Minimizing Latency for Financial Data

Step AT specializes in the design of products for embedded and real-time applications, including customization of the CompactRIO platform through additional modules to add functionality to the FPGA target. It is in this framework that the company Wall Street FPGA, based in New York and speaker in the field of finance for a US financial information firm, appealed to our services


Solar Fountain

Developping a standalone solar energy station that can communicate with and recharge portable battery units using minimal power and short development time


Rapid Design of a Military Communications System Using NI Technologies

Using the NI CompactRIO design platform to deploy a remote system that acquires audio signals, and NI Multisim and Ultiboard to define an application-specific custom I/O module to transmit over the communications user datagram protocol (UDP).



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