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We design and develop fully customized test systems and other solutions by combining software, hardware and mechanics according to our customers' needs. Our customers benefit from the flexibility of our test & measurement platforms and extensive knowledge of signal processing, digital imaging, mechanical design, robotics and software development. We can help you architect, design, verify, and integrate all the mechanical, electrical and software elements of the test system throughout product lifecycle.



Services Offered: Fabrication, Assembly, & Installation, Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 2005


Years as Alliance

101 to 500 Employees


$20 million to $100 million
Annual Revenue

More than 200
Projects Per Year



Top Industries


Consumer Electronics




Top Application Areas



Test and Measurement



NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series


Motion Control

PXI Streaming & Synchronization

Vision Systems


NI Software



LabVIEW Real-Time


Vision Builder





Address: Visiokatu 3 , Tampere, Finland
Phone: +358 44 430 0100


Address: OptoFidelity Inc / Suite: 250 19409 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, California United States
Phone: (669) 241-8383

Address: #9, Keji 8th Road, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai , Zhuhai, Guangdong China
Phone: +852 6730 9397




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Company Certifications

AIA System Integration Company Certification



Certified Vision Professional - Advanced


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




Fusion - Functional Testing & Quality Assurance

An automated solution for functional testing in production & refurbishment for Android smart phones. Benefits: No adapter, universal DUT interface Android test app. Combined tests


OptoFidelity VR Multimeter

For VR/Ar device performance measurement


OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger

OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger is an ideal solution for force calibrating testing and testing force touch for both displays and active styluses. It provides combined control for all axis and force which reduces the complexity of the system.


GoldenEye Display Quality Inspection Tool

OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye is a display quality inspection tool for checking the quality of high-resolution displays from near-eye dispays to wearables to even the largest TV screens.


OptoFidelity™ Test Factory

Most complete modular testing solution for smart devices: OptoFidelity™ Test Factory offers the most complete set of test cases for evaluating the performance of smart devices. Choose any number of the available test cases to cover all your testing requirements.



Robotics Platform with Modular Mechanical Construction. In high volume production, the speed is the number one feature in testing. With OptoFidelity™ GoldenMov Robotics Platform we can provide our customers an ideal, generic, platform for measurement needs that require the highest speed and accuracy.



Case Studies

Testing the Performance of Touch-Enabled Smartphone User Interfaces

With assistance by OptoFidelity, Vaisala began to change the quality assurance of humidity sensors from the manual microscope-based work to more efficient operations using robotics.


Force Sensing Testing with OptoFidelity GoldFinger

Force sensing is a relatively new input method for smartphone displays giving application and OS developers an opportunity to utilize force data to create new applications and gestures. In this example, tests were done by using the OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger and device specific holders to make devices steady during testing. OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger is a versatile non-intrusive test system designed to support both production line testing and calibration as well as R&D testing. System is perfectly suited to production line force calibration and testing due to its fast software controllable weight control, which makes it possible to apply several weights to the same position just by setting the wanted weights by software.



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