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Automated Software Technology is a licensed professional engineering company that develops custom PC based test, measurement, and control systems specializing in LabVIEW programming.  We specialize in Data Acquisition applications using National Instruments' hardware and 3rd party instruments.     Automated Software Technology focuses on short term projects typically ranging from a few hours a few months. Established in 2002 and located in East Lansing Michigan,  AST can easily service the entire state of Michigan. A Licensed Professional Engineer, LabVIEW Champion, Certified Motion Professional, and a Certified LabVIEW developer on staff with over 20 years of experience is available to help you develop your LabVIEW application.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration, Training & Startup Assistance

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Established 2002


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Data Acquisition, Generation

Test and Measurement


NI Hardware

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Data Acquisition

Industrial Controllers

Instrument Control

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Address: 1328 Ramblewood , East Lansing, Michigan United States
Phone: 517-316-2138




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Professional Engineer

Certified Motion Professional - BasicLabVIEW Champion


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Motor Tester

A Motor manufacturer needed a custom functional tester to test their product. They needed software that was easy to use and the ability to add or remove tests based on the product they were testing. They also wanted a reporting feature that showed the testing data on the product over time.


Cycle Test Stand

A manufacture needed custom LabVIEW software to cycle their product. The user needed the ability to test groups of units independently of each other. The program was going to be used in different locations all over the world and needed to be understood by non-native English speakers. The software also needed to communicate with CompactDAQ hardware and existing SCXI hardware.


Data Acquisition Controller

An automotive test lab needed a custom program that monitored analog inputs and controlled a digital output sequencer. We developed a custom LabVIEW application that interfaced with NI CDAQ hardware that monitored user defined analog inputs. The software also allowed the user to create sequences of digital outputs. The user could define cycles when certain digital outputs were on or off.




Software Products

AST Unit Tester

Simple Unit Test to test LabVIEW code





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