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VI Engineering is the premier integration provider in the Americas for Automated Test. We work with Directors, Test Mangers & Engineers to deliver turn-key integrated test systems. Test Groups look to VIE when seeking a competitive advantage to solve highly-complex engineering challenges, When they are frustrated that their current system is not doing what was "sold" to them. Are unable to keep up with market demands or constrained in-source availability. Are facing excessive to-market deadlines and need to test smarter, faster Our customers outsource their automated test needs to an expert team so their engineers & technicians can focus on the business at hand, not ATE support and development.



Services Offered: System Integration

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Address: 27300 Haggerty Road F10 , Farmington Hills, Michigan United States
Phone: 248-489-1200


Address: 88 Kingston Street , Cambridge, Massachusetts United States
Phone: 248-489-1200

Address: 15923 441st PL SE , North Bend, Washington United States
Phone: 248-489-1200

Address: Tasker Town , Bangalore, Karnataka India
Phone: 91 80 41132277

Address: 3410 Jean-Paul Sartre , Laval, Quebec Canada
Phone: 514-918-6563

Address: 8501 Bash St #200, Indianapolis, Indiana United States
Phone: 317-596-0720




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Control System Integrator Association (CSIA) Certification

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

ITAR Compliant




Project Management Professional - PMI


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




TestValet - Test Lab Workflow Management Software

TestValet provides automation of test management activities from requests to test reports and metrics. The system is driven by a robust relational database management system.


Hardware-In-The-Loop ECU Tester

The HIL ECU Tester is a 3up full height test stand that performs DV testing on multiple variants of the ECU.


ECU & Integrated Wireless Test

The Test System is a 6up full height stand that can perform DV testing on two different types of ECUs


Reconfigurable Durability Tester

RECO can perform durability testing on UUTs.  It’s a 4 up tester with a user configurable  sequence to perform multiple tests with multiple variants


Automated Amplifier Functional Test

A major tier one automotive supplier utilizes PXI modular instrumentation for high channel count audio processing and in-the-loop testing with VeriStand.


UTP 100

The UTP 100 is a benchtop test system used for production testing of PCBAs. It is powered by VIE's ATES software suite and NI instrumentation.


UTP 200

The UTP 200 is a half height test system used for production testing of PCBAs and electronic devices. It is powered by VIE's ATES software suite and NI PXI instrumentation. A Virginia Panel interface provides quick changeover between products being tested.


UTP 200 RF

The UTP 200 RF is a half height test system used for production testing of Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular, and GPS enabled devices. It is powered by VIE's ATES software suite and the NI Wireless Test System. Multiple shield box configurations are available to support multi-DUT testing.


UTP 300

The UTP 300 is a full height test system used for production testing of ECUs and complex electronics. It is powered by VIE's ATES software suite, NI PXI instrumentation, rack mount power supplies, and custom load circuits. A Virginia Panel interface provides quick changeover between products being tested.



Case Studies

Designing a Jet and Rocket Engine Test System

The jet and rocket engine test site (JRETS) DAC system is a state-of-the-art, flexible, and high-performance system that offers cost effective test solutions.


Xbox Controller Testing

Developing a test platform based on PXI saved Microsoft significant money and enabled a core platform for growth.


Designing a Turbocharger Test System with NI LabVIEW and PXI

By using the NI suite of hardware components and software tools, we at V I Engineering Inc. designed, prototyped, built, and tested a system that greatly enhanced the design engineer’s ability to understand and iteratively improve control points when developing turbochargers.



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