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SITEM is a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company established in 1999 in Genova (Italy). SITEM know-how is strongly based on data acquisition systems and real-time and FPGA applications, serving several markets (automotive, naval, railways, aerospace, avionics, defence, energy)/ SITEM has deep knowledge in the following field: • Real time data process (time-frequency analysis such as Lofar, Difar , Demon and Transient) • image acquisition and processing • industrial communications (field-bus such as Modbus, Profibus, Profinet) • instrumentation control • database management / Our team includes engineers and physicists with the following certifications: • 1 Certified LabVIEW Architect • 3 Certified LabVIEW Developers • 1 NI Certified Professional Instructor • 1 Certified Profibus Engineer • 1 Certified Profinet Engineer



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration, Training & Startup Assistance

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Company Info


Established 1999


Years as Alliance

6 to 10 Employees


26 to 50
Projects Per Year



Top Industries


Top Application Areas


NI Hardware

Data Acquisition


NI Software






Address: Via Merano, 7/1 , Genova, Italy
Phone: +39-010-6513874




NI Certifications









Company Certifications

ISO 9001



Certified Profibus Engineer (CPE)Certified Profinet Engineer (CPNE)


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Case Studies

Monitoring and control system for structural aircraft tests

SITEM developed an application for Piaggio Aero Industries Spa, a leader in designing and building executive aircrafts, for the purpose of monitoring and testing these types of aircrafts.


Creating a Sonar Dome Monitoring System Using LabVIEW, PXI, DAQ, and DIAdem

SITEM developed a Sonar Dome Monitoring System (SDMS) based on LabVIEW and NI PXI data acquisition (DAQ) hardware to collect and process all relevant data on board and creating a shore post-processing system based on NI DIAdem.


Developing a Remote Diagnostic System for Large Electric Power Generators With NI LabVIEW and CompactRIO

SITEM developed a real-time integrated hardware and diagnostic software solution for high-power electric generators built by Ansaldo Energia in Genova. System is capable of monitoring the vibrations of stator winding heads and several other electrical parameters such as voltage, current, dispersed flow, and partial discharge.


Creating a Ship Monitoring System Using NI CompactRIO and NI LabVIEW

Creating a structural and ship motion monitoring commercial system certified by the Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) that can detect environmental conditions and the ship’s structural behavior in response to those conditions.




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