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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Novator Solutions develops test and measurement systems and provides consultant services. Our operations are divided into four key business areas: Spectral Data Analysis, Navigation, Control, Automate & Test, and Remote Measurement. We are experts in LabVIEW, FPGA, RT and Vision as well as in TestStand and VeriStand. We work as consultants in our customers´ projects or supply complete turnkey solutions including hardware and mechanics. Novator Solutions endeavor to always deliver top quality, excellent usability and 100% customer satisfaction. We provide solutions as well as maintenance and support.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration

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Address: Hammarbacken 6A , Sollentuna, Sweden
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Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




Novator Solutions Wideband Channelizers

Novator Solutions channelization products for monitoring of RF wideband spectrum include a NC-10 Toolkit and a NCR-2000 turnkey solution.


Novator Solutions Wideband Data Recorder

Novator Wideband Recorder is a high-speed recording system based on the PXIe platform, capable of recording up to 765 MHz of bandwidth.


NCR 2000 - Channelizer Server

Novator Solutions Channelizer Receiver system lets you analyze thousands of signals with a single receiver. It streams channelized data to other systems where it can either be listened to or further processed.


NWBR - Wideband Data Recorder

Novator Solutions Wideband Recorder (NWBR) is a high-speed recording system built for the PXIe platform from National Instruments, capable of recording signals of up to 765 MHz of bandwidth. The system contains a pre-trigger buffer capable of storing content from about five seconds up to minutes allowing operators sufficient time to react to interesting signals. NWBR is compatible with most NI RF hardware and digitizers.




Software Products

NC-10 USRP Channelizer

NC-10 USRP Channelizer is a toolkit for USRP-2955. It contains software as well as FPGA-bitfiles to turn the device into a powerful channelized radio, allowing users and system integrators to extract 512 GPS-timestamped signals of interest from four RF inputs and stream the extracted signals as well as the original wideband RF input via UDP.


NC-10 Channelizer - LabVIEW Toolkit

NC-10 is an FPGA-based channelizer toolkit available on the National Instruments LabVIEW tools network. It gives you the possibility to extract up to 1024 channels in real time and stream the channels for further processing. NC-10 is powered by ChannelCore Flex technology from RFEL Ltd. and NC-10 software can be integrated into your own system, needing only a single-slot FlexRIO FPGA board.



Case Studies

Electrolux Performance Test Lab

The Electrolux Performance Test System (PTS) is based upon the NI cRIO plattform and was delivered to Electrolux as a turnkey solution. The PTS system improves test yield and test performance significantly.


GE Healthcare LabAssistant

LabAssistant is a turn-key solution based on NI LabVIEW that gives a clean tool for using a series of chromatograph modules, stand-alone and together, and with a very simple tool for creating and modifying scripts. LabAssistant also includes control of the external multi-instrument ALMEGA, GE’s climate chambers and precision scales.


Opalum Sound Optimization System

A turn-key solution based on NI-DAQ hardware and NI LabVIEW, where Opalum intellectual property is protected from being reverse engineered by using an Opalum-based cloud server for calculations. Developing the Sound Optimization System on the LabVIEW platform has drastically reduced time-to-market for Opalum, and resulted in a very versatile and scalable solution.




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