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For over 50 years, Ball Systems has served as a full-service custom test, automation, and engineering company focusing on F-1000 customers in the automotive, transportation, military, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, computer, energy, consumer electronics, energy, and consumer appliance markets. Ball Systems leverages former corporate test development, automation and product development engineers from numerous Fortune-500 companies to deliver products and solutions that address your entire product lifecycle, including solutions for new product development and modeling, prototyping, product validation, production test, audits, and field applications. We develop corporate-wide strategies to leverage best-in-class solutions to address your company’s strategic testing and automation requirements.



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Company Info


Established 1966


Years as Alliance


75 to 100
Projects Per Year



Top Industries

Consumer Goods






Top Application Areas

Embedded Systems


Hardware Integration

Test and Measurement



NI Hardware Knowledge

PXI/Modular Instruments

Single-board RIO/Board-Level Embedded

CompactRIO/Modular Embedded

CompactDAQ/Modular DAQ Systems

High-speed digital I/O



NI Software Knowledge





LabVIEW Real-Time






Address: 16469 Southpark Drive , Westfield, Indiana United States
Phone: (317) 804-2330


Address: 2025 Zumbehl Road Suite 304, St. Charles, Missouri United States
Phone: (314) 406-3339

Address: 8515 Trevino Way , Crystal Lake, Illinois United States
Phone: 8158140162




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Company Certifications

ISO 9001

ITAR Compliant






Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Automated Mixed-Signal ASIC Test System

Ball Systems developed a fully automated test system based on NI PXI components for mixed-signal ASIC testing. Test system is designed to accommodate characterization and validation test requirements of mixed-signal ASICs.


Handheld Proprietary Mil-Aero Communications Bus Analyzer

Ball Systems developed a small custom handheld, battery powered, test platform based on the National Instruments single-board RIO platform, adding additional circuitry and packaging. Ultimately developing a tool that fully evaluates communications bus health, performance, layout, power, and bandwidth utilization and providing a consistent and reliable problem diagnosis.


BALLTEST Software Test Executive

Ball Systems developed BallTest™ as a stand-alone test executable for use in automated test environments. It features XML-based test sequences, an “instrument-defined architecture”, an automatic mode for running customer-defined test sequences and a manual mode for independently actuating or monitoring system I/O. BallTest™ also provides the customer with graphical user interfaces for editing test sequences and interfacing with instruments. Ease of configuration and setup was a primary goal.



Case Studies

HIL Fuel Injector Measurement System for ECU Tester

Ball Systems developed a fuel injector measurement system for a hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) ECU test system that measures individual cylinder fuel injector driver characteristics and performs real-time waveform analysis and capture, allowing test engineers to “close the loop” on fueling delivered to an engine.


FPGA Based RF Demodulator

Ball Systems developed a multiple acquisition stream demodulation process that captured all packets without loss in the presence of Doppler Effects with decryption.


DSL Modem/Router Multi-DUT Test System

Ball Systems developed a test station capable of simultaneously asynchronously testing up to eight DSL modem/routers – testing full port functionality (WAN, Ethernet, DSL, HPNA, WiFi) and ensuring no visual defects and proper LED illumination. The system utilized interconnected PCs and the BallTest™ software platform using NI’s LabVIEW with XML scripted test sequences and an SQL database.


Automation of Industrial Compressor Performance Testing

Ball Systems developed and delivered customized data acquisition carts based on NI's cRIO architecture and LabVIEW software to automate testing of industrial compressor performance .



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