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Arktur Technologies LLC is located in San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley Area and provides services in •Design of lean/scalable Measurement, Control and Data Analysis Systems spanning PCs, Real-Time and FPGA Targets •System Integration •Rescue and Refactoring of Customer LabVIEW Projects •Training and Coaching LabVIEW Developers on Agile/SOLID Software Design Principles •LabVIEW Project Architecture/Code Reviews . Arktur Technology specializes in R&D Support, Startup Support, Analytical Instrumentation, Biotech, Medical Devices and Semiconductor Industry applications ; Software Platforms: LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW Real-Time; NI Vision ; Hardware Platforms: NI cRIO, NI sbRIO, NI R Series RIO, NI DAQ, NI PXI ;



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration, Training & Startup Assistance

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Established 2009


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Address: 120 Weymouth Ct. , Alameda, California United States
Phone: 510 407 2101




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Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Motor Yacht Monitoring System

A scalable Motor Yacht Monitoring System implemented in LabVIEW and based on NI cRIO Platform. May be used as base for Custom Boat Monitoring Systems tailored to unique customer requirements at minimal cost with short lead time.



Case Studies

Using Agile/SOLID Design Principles for Mid- and Large-Scale LabVIEW Application Development

Provides introduction into Agile/SOLID Design Principles. Shows how using these principles results in lean/scalable LabVIEW applications that can be refactored to changes in requirements at incremental cost.


Actor Programming without an Actor Framework

Describes a lean/scalable solution for actor-based LabVIEW applications that does not require traditional Actor Frameworks – reducing learning curve and code complexity.


Architecting for Code Reuse

Reviews different techniques for architecting code reuse, describes ways to work around lack of Interfaces in G and shows that consistent use of SOLID Design Principles substantially increases code reuse levels – cutting development costs and shortening application time-to-market.


SOLID Error Handling

Discusses how to properly implement Error Handling in SOLID-compliant LabVIEW applications and reviews ArT_Errors - a lean/scalable class library using LabVIEW Error Cluster wires to propagate flattened Error Objects to Error Handling VIs.



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