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I’ve built test systems for: a USB conference telephone, an emergency pendant/DECT 6.0 based telephone, the ATSC standards verification for HDTV at the Advanced TV Test Center, dial modems, digital cameras, LASER and LED based products; both fiber optic and lens based optics, a DWDM fiber optic router transponder, a blood management unit, various spectrometers and hyperspectral imaging, a PCR-CE machine, and various medical devices, the Engine Interface Unit for a C130 transport, Mil Spec 1553 for the Dreamchaser civilian space shuttle and electric vehicle conversion inverters. I've done industrial controls and PLC work for an industrial wastewater treatment plant, animal and human clinical psychology trials, automotive filters, materials science, MEMS devices, satellite radio temperature compensation, batteries and teaching.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration, Training & Startup Assistance

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Established 1992


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3rd Party Integration

Data Acquisition, Generation

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Address: 180 East St. , Foxboro, Massachusetts United States
Phone: 617-803-5661




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2007-8 Emmy with Advanced TV Test Center



None Listed



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