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BITLIS-MEN Company offers safe and simple engineering solutions for the automation of Power Plants, Electrical Substations and Irrigation Systems. The offered System implies the following: Diagnostics; Monitoring (local and remote); Operation control; Improvement of water consumption; Improvement of plant units operation; Increase of economic efficiency; Detection of emergencies and pre-emergency situations and quick response. Due to newest technologies the company can study customer’s plant and draft a complete automation plan for that in a short time frame.



Services Offered: System Integration

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Address: King Abdulaziz Road, Al Khalidiyah Al Janubiyah, Dammam 32221, Saudi Arabia , Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966-3-814-3838




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Local Grid Substations’ Automation SCADA System

Develping the local grid automation SCADA system for medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) substations’ centralized management with switchgears; transformers; back-up diesel generators; battery chargers; automatic transfer switches (ATSs); isolators and other apparatus monitoring, control, and protection functionality; a power quality and events detection system with power analysis functionality; and multilayer active electrical single-line diagram (SLD) integration with multi privilege user monitoring and control.


Garden Irrigation System

Developing the automated garden irrigation SCADA system with valve and pump station monitoring, control, protection and power analysis functionality; advanced scheduling functionality with rules and exceptions; multilayer geographic information system (GIS) integration; weather station integration, and evapotranspiration calculation functionality with automatic irrigation adjustment.


HIL Microgrid Research and Development Platform

Creating the HIL MicroGrid research and development platform with a microgrid emulation system; network component (generation and consumption) emulation systems; real-time alarm and events handling; historical trending; SCADA monitoring and control systems; a CompactRIO-based power quality and events detection system with power analysis functionality; settings configuration; and live single-line diagrams.


Smart House Research Platform

Developing the smart house research platform with motion and occupancy sensor-based security systems; day and night video surveillance-based security systems; motion and occupancy detection-based on sensors and cameras; an air ventilation system with manual/automated/scheduled control; lightning monitoring and manual/automated control; power quality analysis; smart management with authorization levels; and gate and voice management systems.



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