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Veski d.o.o. was established in Zagreb. Our field of expertise is vibration diagnostics and analysis, consulting services regarding dynamics and stress calculations (FEM) and measurements. Our quality assurance is based on the knowledge and long term experience of our employees. We are one of the leading companies in the field of diagnostics and vibration measurement, signal analysis, design, development and installation of solutions for monitoring systems as well as the vibration protection systems. The combination of knowledge, experience and creativity enables us to offer many technical solutions and adjust our products to fully meet the requirements of our clients.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development, System Integration

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Company Info



Established 1991


Years as Alliance

11 to 25 Employees




Top Industries



Top Application Areas

Condition Monitoring


NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series


NI Software


LabVIEW Real-Time





Address: Oreškovićeva 8j , Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +38513667133


Address: Oreškovićeva 8j , Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 91 24 555 64

Address: 211/396 Scarborough Beach Road , Perth, WA Australia
Phone: +611300 79 20 78




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Company Certifications

ISO 9001



None Listed


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Case Studies

NI LabVIEW and CompactRIO Keep Power Plants Online

The continuous monitoring of vibrations and other signals is critical to predicting mechanical behavior and efficiency and usually requires continuous data acquisition and online database analysis. VESKI, a Croatian-based consulting firm that specializes in vibration analysis and diagnostics, relies on LabVIEW and CompactRIO as the core of its CoDiS monitoring software


CoDiS Machine Condition Monitoring System Installed on 185 MW Pumped-Storage Hydropower Plant

Building a customized online machine condition monitoring (MCM) solution to track relevant and significant changes in machine behavior for 185 MW unit in a pumped-storage hydro-power plant.



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