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Neosoft Technologies is a software and electronic engineering company specializing in electronics, defense, aerospace, electro-optical, communications markets. Neosoft has a unique experience in providing simple and complex customized solutions based on COTS. Our past solutions includes simple and complex automated test, data acquisition and control systems as well as Hardware-in-the-loop, vision and robotics systems in various markets. Our customers are high-tech companies, manufacturing, research centers and universities. Neosoft's size and experience allows us to give a professional, fast and customized service to our customers. Neosoft is ISO:9001 certified.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 2000


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NI Hardware Knowledge

CompactDAQ/Modular DAQ Systems

CompactRIO/Modular Embedded



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Address: 405-1001 Route De L'eglise , Quebec City, Quebec Canada
Phone: 418-948-8324


Address: 4830 De Rouen , Montreal, Quebec Canada
Phone: 438-827-8989




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ISO 9001



Personnel Security Clearance - PCL

Professional Engineer


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Portable data acquisition

we have built rugged portable data acquisition systems that are easy to setup and support a wide range of sensors including: thermocouples, RTD’s, strain gage, accelerometers, pressure sensor, current probe, encoders, displacement probes, etc.


NDT Analyzer Software

NDT Analyzer is a versatile software made for industrial non-destructive test with Eddy current probes. NDT Analyzer has a hardware abstraction layer that makes is possible to interface to various Eddy current based system that has an open protocol.


Biaxial Tensile

This is an open and flexible Biaxial tensile specifically position for tissues to help accelerate your research.




Software Products

NDT Analyzer Software

NDT Analyzer is a software made for industrial non-destructive test with Eddy current probes from various manufacturer. It includes all necessary functions required for these type of application and can also be customized to your needs



Case Studies

Automated Fine Guidance Sensor alignment system

Automated Fine Guidance Sensor alignment system that tests the final system aligned several telescopes mounted in an aluminum structure that is required to withstand space conditions.


Real-time machine vision Optical Fiber inspection

Real-Time optical fiber quality inspection on the extruder with marking of falty fiber.


Machine Vision for real-time detection and correction of textile tissue misalignment

Detect and correct textile tissue misalignement in real-time during manufacturing.




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