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DMC offers high-caliber engineering and software development services for manufacturing, testing, research, and product development organizations throughout the world. We have been building mission-critical systems for top organizations since 1996. DMC specializes in embedded vision, complex motion control applications, embedded systems, and integration with Microsoft SharePoint as well as fuel cell and advanced battery testing.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 1996


Years as Alliance

101 to 500 Employees


More than 200
Projects Per Year



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CompactRIO/Modular Embedded

PXI/Modular Instruments


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Address: 2222 N Elston Ave Suite 200, Chicago, Illinois United States
Phone: 312-255-8757


Address: 20 Holland Street Suite 408 , Somerville, Massachusetts United States
Phone: 617-758-8517

Address: 1860 Blake St Suite 410, Denver, Colorado United States
Phone: 303-223-1801

Address: 3311 Richmond Ave Suite 209, Houston, Texas United States
Phone: 713-322-9192

Address: 141 W 36th St Suite 20N, New York, New York United States
Phone: 917-473-0030

Address: 1034 S Brentwood Blvd Suite 1080 , St. Louis, Missouri United States
Phone: (314) 627-5427

Address: 506 2nd Ave. Suite 910, Seattle, Washington United States
Phone: (206) 388-5186

Address: 316 California Ave. #691, Reno, Nevada United States
Phone: (775) 300-6804

Address: 1920 McKinney Ave 7th Floor, Dallas, Texas United States
Phone: (972) 432-5536




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Company Certifications

AIA System Integration Company Certification

Control System Integrator Association (CSIA) Certification



Certified Vision Professional - Advanced

Certified Vision Professional - Basic

Project Management Professional - PMI


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




Hospital Test Chamber

This hospital test chamber collects data and controls conditions to achieve clinical and research goals. Specifically, this system controls conditions to study patient autonomic functions.


High Speed Pharmaceutical Vision Inspection

This multi-camera vision system integrates with a pharmaceutical pill manufacturing system to deliver results for multiple tablets simultaneously at a maximum throughput of 144,000 pills/hour.


Engine Fuel Injector Characterization with LabVIEW

Increase your fuel injector test platform’s accuracy and speed. DMC’s solution includes automated data collection and analysis, results visualization, and manual control interfaces.


Battery Management System (BMS) Test Stand

DMC built upon its previous Battery Test Platform design experience to produce a completely automated test system specifically designed for Battery Management System (BMS) validation, verification, environmental, and Hardware in the loop (HWIL/HIL) testing.


Battery Stack Simulator for Hardware in the Loop (HiL) Testing of Electric Vehicles

A battery stack simulator for hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) test systems is being produced by DMC to augment the capabilites of battery management systems (BMS) HiL test systems.



Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Vision Inspection with NI Vision

DMC developed a vision system to inspect a proprietary pharmaceutical product and the text printed on its packaging.


Appliance Test System with Power Measurements

DMC worked with a developer and manufacturer of consumer appliances to upgrade a test chamber with controls and data acquisition for testing of home refrigerators.


Batteries and Fuel Cells: Large Scale Distributed Testing

A client in the research field came to us with a challenging large-scale project: building a large-scale automated system for testing energy storage devices, including batteries and fuel cells.



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