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TBG is a complete solutions business that that specialise in Automated Test Equipment. We support customers by understanding their challenges and providing engineering solutions that combine hardware and software. We have built our success on reducing the time for our customers to solve their test and control challenges and provide robust, best-in-class solutions. With a large team of engineers, we work with our customers to create innovative simple solutions to overcome complex activities. If you want to ensure that your latest product performs correctly, or you are looking to use automation to reduce your labour cost, TBG have the skills and experience to meet your business challenge.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 2001


Years as Alliance

26 to 50 Employees




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NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series

PXI Streaming & Synchronization


NI Software



LabVIEW Real-Time






Address: 3A Midland Court Barlborough Links, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 01246 819 100


Address: 5-7 Deersdyke View Westfield Industrial Estate, Cumbernauld, United Kingdom
Phone: 01236 736112




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Company Certifications

ISO 9001

ITAR Compliant






Personnel Security Clearance - PCL

Project Management Professional - PMI


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




Servo Cycle Machine (SCM)

An automated system capable of lifecycle and stress testing of security locks and door handles. The tests involve exerting repetitive forces to simulate real-life usage


Automated Steel Flare Detection System

A Fully automated, Laser vision based system powered by LabVIEW to detect, measure and log steel edge flares to aid production.


Automated burst disk production system

The system is designed to automate the production of pressure rupture disks used in a wide range of industries ranging from pharmaceutical to aerospace.


Automotive Glass Verification System (GVS)

The Automotive Glass Verification System is a reliable and repeatable bespoke test system used to scan automotive glass.


A Reconfigurable, Expandable and Synchronised Data-Logging Network for Full-Scale Tidal Turbine Power Train Testing

LabVIEW object-oriented programming provided an elegant way to add new nodes and modules to the system while eliminating the need to change the surrounding software architecture. NI offers a variety of DAQ hardware platforms for nearly all eventualities


Creating an Automated, Highly Accelerated Stress Screening Test Solution for Three Avionics PCBs in Parallel Using LabVIEW, TestStand, and NI PXI

Performing more than 50,000 tests per unit under test in parallel, each having 500 test points encompassing a wide variety of signal types, whilst situated in a highly accelerated stress screening (HASS) chamber.



Case Studies

Efficient RF Cable Test Suite for the Eurofighter Aircraft

Creating a new test suite for BAE Systems to efficiently characterize RF cables within major units of the Eurofighter aircraft.


Modernisation of Brake Testing With CompactRIO

Creating an expandable, universal test system for heavy vehicle brakes, which can be used repeatedly for extended periods of time.


Automotive Glass Verification System

Designing and developing a reliable, repeatable system to scan automotive glass and highlight any deformed areas detected through comparison with original equipment manufacturer automotive glass.


Expanding Boiler and Electric Heat Pump Efficiency for Domestic Households

Designing a system to monitor the efficiency of both a boiler and electric heat pump system working simultaneously in domestic households.



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