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Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) is a New Jersey-based engineering services company involved in all aspects of rotating machinery. MSI also has offices in New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Indiana, and Colorado. MSI engineers and technicians travel around the world using National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software to solve complex problems with pumps, turbines, compressors, motors, fans, gearboxes, and other critical components. Services include continuous vibration monitoring, impact modal testing, operating deflection shape characterization, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and more. Sensors include accelerometers, proximity probes, pressure transducers, microphones, tachometers, strain gages, thermocouples, voltage and current meters, etc. MSI also writes custom LabVIEW software executables for customers who wish to have permanently installed data acquisition and signal analysis capabilities.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development, Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 1996


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Condition Monitoring

Data Acquisition, Generation

Signal Processing


NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series

Data Acquisition

PXI Streaming & Synchronization


NI Software



LabVIEW Real-Time





Address: 11 Apollo Drive , Whippany, New Jersey United States
Phone: 973-326-9920




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Case Studies

Vibration Monitoring of a 600 MW Steam Turbine Start-Up Using LabVIEW

MSI was tasked with collecting, analyzing, and managing data from over 30 vibration sensors steam turbine/generator to diagnose and eliminate sources of excess vibration.



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