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WesTest Engineering has A HISTORY OF EXCELLENCE WesTest has a 32 year history of developing new and re-hosted test programs, designing and building test equipment and providing test related engineering services to commercial and military depots in the United States and overseas with Outstanding Customer Satisfaction. WesTest is a winner of SBA’s Prime Contractor of the Year Award. Since its inception, WesTest has focused its business on the test engineering field. WesTest has contracts for the development of Test Program Sets (TPS) and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and all associated Engineering Services. Growth through superior innovative Automatic Test Equipment, Test Program Sets, Interface Test Adapters, Test Software, Test Hardware, Systems, boxes, and Engineering Services.



Services Offered: System Integration

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Established 1981


Years as Alliance




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Top Application Areas

Test and Measurement


NI Hardware

PXI Streaming & Synchronization


NI Software






Address: 810 Shepard Lane , Farmington, Utah United States
Phone: 801-451-9191




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ISO 9001



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