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BEKO Engineering & Informatik GmbH is Austria´s market leader in technological services. Solutions & Services for the industry, telecom, public and finance sector will be realised and implemented. BEKO operates as know-how provider for their clients with a broad range within the core areas engineering and IT. The business unit Industrial Solutions & Services is the common platform for mechanical engineering & plant engineering, electrical engineering & automation, project management & consulting, development of applications and IT-services & support. Within the last years BEKO Graz successfully developed the IT field besides the traditionally strong engineering-sector. The competencies were expanded and there is an even stronger focus on quality. BEKO Graz offers these services that are needed by the Styrian Industry.



Services Offered: Maintenance & Engineering Support, Software Consulting, System Integration

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Company Info



Established 1966


Years as Alliance

More than 500 Employees




Top Industries


Consumer Electronics

Electrical Machinery/Equipment



Top Application Areas


Data Acquisition, Generation

Test and Measurement



NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series

Data Acquisition

Industrial Controllers

Instrument Control

Vision Systems


NI Software



LabVIEW Real-Time


Vision Builder





Address: Nöhagen 57 Burg Hartenstein, Nöhagen, Niederösterreich Austria
Phone: +43(0)316 7165690


Address: Triester Straße 367 , Graz, Styria Austria
Phone: 43316716569




NI Certifications







Company Certifications

ISO 9001



Project Management Professional - PMI


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




Resistor measurement system

Test application for a resistor testing system based on LabVIEW.


Device calibration justification

Development of a LabVIEW test software for calibration justification of different products (devices) from a specific manufacturer.


EOL - Mobile test bench

Development of a mobile testbech for PCBs.


EOL - Multifunctional Testbox

Multifunctional testobox for end of line testing of different types of products.


Dust particle detection

Detection of dust particles on a transparent surface.


Automated resistance measurement

Development of a LabVIEW Software for automated resistance measurement and evaluation.


EOL - Electrical Tester

Developement of a LabVIEW software for measurement and evaluation of a three phase rotary device.


Large test bench

Measurement and evaluation of different parameters of a large rotary device.


High speed printing

Development of a LabVIEW based software for fast printing algorithm for different devices.


Temperature conditioning

Development of a LabView based software for controlling the temperature conditioning of test objects.



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