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Since 2003, we have been developing solutions for ever new fields of activity in all areas of computer engineering. Decentralized, networked or locally, precise and stable solutions have been developed for our customers in recent years. Out of this potential, we are constantly creating new projects from a set of proven solutions and the latest technologies. The right choice of hardware components and the right abstraction in a software framework brings the decisive advantage for your project. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Our services: - Configuration - Software development - Driver development - Unit construction - Training For other desired services, please contact us.



Services Offered: Custom Electronics, Software Consulting, System Integration

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Address: Talackerstraße 9 , Breidenbach, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 6465 9179 809




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Um die Funktion der in einen Dummy verbauten Sensoren bei kostspieligen Aufpralltests zu gewährleisten, müssen diese regelmäßig normgerecht validiert und zertifiziert werden.



Hardware Products

Powerful bridge amplifier (300mW / bridge)

4 channel full bridge designed for low resistance resistive bridge sensors. In combination with an analog output module (e.g., NI 9263 4 channel / 0-5V / 16bit) and an analog input module (depending on the desired resolution, e.g., NI 9238 4 channel / 0-500mV / 24bit), a 4 channel bridge system can be created. Here it is possible to operate each bridge with an individual bridge voltage and to ensure an absolutely synchronous measurement data acquisition over up to 4 channels.



Compact measuring system for process optimization of grinding processes. In addition to a high-precision IEPE vibration sensor, there are further analog input channels for the synchronous detection of e.g. current, voltage, power consumption, etc. available. Minimize your costs by detection of the first cut and see unbalanced signatures by the same gauge. A software for grinding process representation (synchronized visualization of process-vibration and power consumption) and data analysis complete the system.



Compact and powerful USB measure box to measure high powered gas explosion transients. A software for EN 1839 data analysis and validation complete the system.


Software Products


OOP Image processing library, based on OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library), for easy and user-friendly LabVIEW image processing. The use of OpenCV opens up access to a variety of functions and methods. The field of application ranges from the low-cost solution with e.g. a USB webcam to the hig-end solution. Supported image formats: bmp, dib, jpeg, jpg, jpe, jp2, png, pbm, pgm, ppm, sr, ras, tiff, tif Supported camera drivers: MIL, VFW, V4L, V4L2, Firewire, IEEE 1394, DC, Stereo TYZX, Quicktime, Unicap, DirectShow, PvAPI, Prosilica GigE, OpenNI, XIMEA Camera




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