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WPGSYS is a technology development company that specializes in identifying emerging technologies for application in the horizontal and vertical market. At the same time developing technologies into high value solutions for distributions to original equipment manufacturer (OEM), allowing them to integrate such applications into their own solutions and products for the end-customers. We utilize the worldwide recognize technology from National Instruments (NI) and the graphical programming language for virtual instrumentation, LabVIEW. LabVIEW equips our engineers with the ability to design scalable, distributed systems for remote monitoring systems for manufacturing, environment protection, renewable energy systems as well as large scale SCA systems in the most cost and time efficient way. Most of the engineers in WPGSYS are certified by LabVIEW.



Services Offered: System Integration

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Established 2005


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Data Acquisition, Generation


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Address: 5, Harper Road, #04-01 , Tai Seng, Singapore
Phone: 65-62806077




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Project Management Professional - PMI


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Hardware Products

C-Series Modules : Intelligent Video Analytic Module (IVAM)

CompactRIO C-Series Modules for Intelligent Video Analytic System solution. Intelligent Video Analytic Module (IVAM) in the CompactRIO module functioning like a data sensor to provide an intelligent video analytics solution on Labview Environment. By integrating both cRIO and IVAM, it allows developers, OEMs and end-users who develop remote monitoring and control applications on cRIO platform a first-ever capability to employ video analytic on their product.




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