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Originally established as a spin-off of University of Bologna, Alma Automotive represents the synergy between knowledge acquired in academic research activities and years of experience in developing applied solutions. The company has now evolved to offer both ready-to-use products and technical consulting services supported by bespoke hardware and software solutions. The core areas of expertise are Real-Time control and measurement systems, powertrain analysis and modeling, racing performance analysis. Highly oriented towards new challenges, Alma Automotive’s mission is to provide innovative solutions and tools to help customers in the development of ever more efficient engines and powertrains. The strong relationship we have with top-tier automotive companies is testimonial to the high level of skill and quality of services offered to clients.



Services Offered: Contract Product Development, Custom Electronics, System Integration

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Company Info



Established 2002


Years as Alliance

26 to 50 Employees


$1 million - under $5 million
Annual Revenue



Top Industries



Top Application Areas

Embedded Systems

Test and Measurement


NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series


NI Software


LabVIEW Real-Time





Address: Via Terracini 2/c , Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39-051-9923806




NI Certifications





Company Certifications

None Listed



Project Management Professional - PMI


Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



HIL system

Custom made Hardware-in-the-loop systems for Automotive ECU testing and validation, based on National Instruments hardware and in-house designed hardware and software solutions.




Hardware Products


Fully programmable powertrain management unit up to 8 cylinders. Both Real-Time and FPGA programming layers are accessible and open. Compatible with any commercial calibration tool.



Lambda simulator module for 3rd parties HIL applications.



Up to 12 pressure sensors, direct connection to crankshaft position sensor, real-time cycle-by-cycle pubblication of combustion parameters. Easy integration with the most common calibration tools.



Case Studies

Automatic Calibration of an Internal Combustion Engine Using LabVIEW and CompactRIO

Automatic engine calibration using a cRIO based automotive control unit.


Using NI VeriStand to Perform HIL Test for Automotive ECUs

A fully featured automotive ECU hardware in the loop system based on NI Veristand and NI PXI harwdare


Developing a Rapid Control Prototyping Platform for Implementing Advanced Engine Control Systems

Using the NI FPGA platform as the basis of configurable engine control system



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