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Innovative Solutions is rapidly growing technology company which covers the whole spectrum of the RF, Optics, RF/Optics based measurement systems and ultra-wideband signal acquisition and analysis fields. Whether it is a new system requirement or to upgrade and or improve the reliability of an existing system we offer you design consultation, prototyping, feasibility study, system design, field test, system for testing and final solutions. Our company has developed a suite of solutions in signal monitoring, radar systems test and validation, radar target simulation to assist you at the exact level you require.



Services Offered: System Integration, Training & Startup Assistance

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Address: 123 Hovsep Emin Street , Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: +374(94)515755




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Software Products

Offline Map API

Network RFSA Driver helps you simultaneously use and remotely access Offline Map API by Innovative Solutions allows the user to view and control Map within a LabVIEW application displayed on the XY Graph control.


Air Navigation & LS Signals Simulation & Analysis

Air Navigation and LS Signals Simulation and Analysis application is intended for testing Air Navigation devices. The application allow engineers to test both signal transmitters (earth-based controller unit) and signal receivers (aircraft's receiver unit).


Network SCOPE Driver

The Network SCOPE Driver for LabVIEW (NetSCOPE) helps you simultaneously use and remotely access NI PXI hardware.



Case Studies

Phase-Coherent MIMO Acquisition and Generation System

The NI hardware and software configuration allowed us to create a phase-coherent 8 x 8 MIMO acquisition and generation system.


Radar Target Simulator

The NI hardware and software configuration allowed us to develop a coherent imitator for checking individual radar stations and blocks of high RF path



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