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Since 1995 ViTec has provided components and solution for Russian and international customers in the area of Computer based Test&Measurement, Machine Conditional Monitoring, Vision and Robotics for various industries; developed software tools and custom hardware components. Official distributor of Basler AG (Germany), Schneider Kreuznach (Germany), Göpel Electronics (Germany), Z-Laser (Germany), OptoEngineering (Italy); Sick AG (Germany).



Services Offered: System Integration

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Established 1995


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Top Industries


Machine Vision/Imaging


Top Application Areas

Data Acquisition, Generation



NI Hardware

CompactDAQ/Modular DAQ Systems

CompactRIO/Modular Embedded

PXI/Modular Instruments


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LabVIEW Real-Time

Vision Builder





Address: Fontanka emb., 170 , St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Phone: +7(812) 575-45-91


Address: Begovay, 7 , Sant-Peterburg, Sant-Peterburg Russian Federation

Address: пр. Ленина, 30/2, офис 14 , Томск, Russia Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (3822) 250-831




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Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



The Recorder of Parameters of Railway Electrical Circuits

A portable measurement complex for control and registration of processes taking place in railway circuits. Registered data can be saved on a hard drive due to some specific event: track circuit relays shutoff, by timer or manually by operator.


The System for Visual Control of Label Printing Quality

A system for automation of the process of drug vials labels printing quality monitoring. Both permanent printing and variable printing should be controlled. System is built on the basis of digital industrial Basler camera Scout A1300-32gc and a panel computer.




Hardware Products

Test Bench for Monitoring of Main Helicopter Gearbox Vibration

The complex is built on the basis of measuring NI PXI platform and provides measurement and calculation of vibration parameters. System provides the following features: polling of measuring modules, signal processing in the time domain, calculation of measurement parameters, spectral analysis, signal recording.


The System for Monitoring of the Thermal State of Locomotive Traction Motors

The system is designed for real-time monitoring of the temperature of locomotive traction motor main elements with measurements of voltage, currents and external temperatures. It is based on NI PXI module and has operator interface running on a Windows PC.




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