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PI is considered a global market and technology leader for precision positioning technology with accuracies down to nanometers. We offer a technological spectrum and vertical production range beyond competition worldwide. Our aim is to continually inspire our customers with advanced positioning solutions. Our advanced controls and comprehensive software include advanced scanning, alignment, synchronization and more. Platform support includes Windows, Linux and OS X, with extensive, well-documented and highly usable LabVIEW libraries crafted by experienced LabVIEW specialists. Services and skills: Defined Solutions, OEM Solutions, System Integrations, Consultancy, International Support, Measurement Reports, Software Updates. Application Areas: Automation, Test&Measurement, Robotics, Microscopy, Fiber Alignment, Medical Applications, Quality Assurance, Metrology, Materials Research. Industries: Semiconductor, Industrial Manufacturing, Automation, Scientific Instrumentation, Automotive, Industrial Controls/Devices/Systems, Manufacturing, Medical, Photonics.



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Address: Auf der Roemerstrasse 1 , Karlsruhe, Baden Würtenberg Germany

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Address: BeiChen West Road No. 69, ChaoYang District Beijing Branch, Room 1218, TOP BOX plaza, D Building, Beijing, Beijing China
Phone: +86 10 5629 3831

Address: 4-11-27 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi Hanahara Dai-Ni Bldg. #703, Osaka, Osaka Japan
Phone: +81 6 6304 5605




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ISO 14001

ISO 9001

OHSAS 18001, Customer Information Concerning Article 33 (1) of the REACH Regulation, Products Free of Hazardous Substances — Implementation of RoHS at PI, Hexapod from PI Obtains CIPA Certification for Use in Image Stabilization



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Products, Solutions, and Case Studies



Case Studies

Controllers & Drivers

The decision for a controller depends on the specific application situation. Various criteria, such as limited installation space, the number of axes or the type of control, determine which controller is the right one. Therefore PI offers a broad spectrum of controls and regulation concepts. All PI controllers are fully supported by PI’s GCS LabVIEW Driver Set.


Linear Stages & Actuators, Rotation Stages, XY Stages, XYZ Scanners, Z-Tip-Tilt Platforms, Air Bearing Guiding Systems

PI offers a wide range of linear positioning stages and actuators for any conceivable application. For motions and positionings in several axes, the positioning stages can also be combined. For this, it is irrelevant which drive concepts are used, since the axes can be controlled via uniform software. From the alignment of polarization filters to the alignment of workpieces or material samples: PI offers a wide range of motorized rotation stages in a large number of sizes and accuracy classes. Thus, the product portfolio of stages of a single diameter ranges from tiny 14 mm to 380 mm. XY stages are used for sample positioning or scanning in two planes. Their main field of application is topology measurement. Microscope stages move, for example, biological samples under the objective. High throughput rates require precision, stability and dynamics. The same requirements also apply to industrial measurement methods such as white-light interferometry, except that there the samples can be much bigger and heavier (e.g. LCD monitors). XYZ Scanners are all-rounders in positioning technology. Applications include sample adjustment, handling in microsystem technology, sample manipulation, fiber positioning and photonics. Tilt platforms from PI are used in industrial material processing or in medicine technology, for example, for ophthalmology or dermatology. Image stabilization is another application field that benefits from the high dynamics of the system. A direct-drive motor and high-resolution encoder can position a moving carriage supported by an air bearing to within nanometers in a linear application or within tenths of arcseconds in rotational applications. The lack of friction and mechanical contact means there is minimal hysteresis or reversal error, making it highly repeatable and ideal for many inspection and manufacturing operations.


Hexapods / Parallel Kinematics

Hexapod systems have a decisive advantage over stacked single-axis systems: Since all drives act on the moving platform simultaneously (in parallel), the system has the same motion characteristics in all directions. This includes both the dynamic parameters and the accuracy. Positioning tasks such as the alignment of samples or sensors that have no preferential direction of motion clearly benefit from the parallel-kinematic principle.


Piezoceramic Actuators, Piezoceramic Components

Piezoelectric actuators convert electrical energy directly into linear motion with high speed, force and virtually unlimited resolution. These actuators are used in every modern high tech field from semiconductor test & inspection to super-resolution microscopy, bio-nanotechnology and astronomy/aerospace technology. Piezoceramic components convert mechanical signals, such as force, pressure, strain or acceleration, into electrical voltage, or, vice versa, an electrical voltage into mechanical motion or oscillations. Piezo components, such as plates, disks or rings, are frequently used for generating ultrasonic oscillations in sensors or for high-power ultrasonic machining, for example.



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