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S2P provides innovative solutions primarily in the field of sports and rehabilitation medicine as well as custom built systems for diagnostic and research laboratories. Our technical and services products translate scientific knowledge into practice. We have developed a wide range of modular measuring systems (state-of-the-art software, dynamometers for measuring static muscular contractions, a multipurpose position sensors, a system for measuring reaction times, electromyography sensors, etc.). Our engineers have rich experiences in Labview programming and system integration (signal acquisition, signal processing, algorithm development, API development, automation and machine vision).



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Established 2010


Years as Alliance




Top Industries

Life Sciences

R&D Labs (Non-Academic)


Top Application Areas

Data Acquisition, Generation

Data Manipulation

Signal Processing


NI Hardware


NI Software





Address: Tehnološki park 19 , Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: 031245205




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