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Members of our engineering team have almost ten years experience in industry automation industry, especially on motor drive control research and development. In early days, we provided customized service of system integration and automation for several years. Since 2016, a Hardware-in-the-loop system named MR2, which is designed and manufactured by ourself, was introduced to the market. We pivoted the company's effort to focus on becoming a provider of Hardware-in-the-loop. MR2 is dedicated to motor drive controller, very easy-to-use, precise, and inexpensive. Some of relative large firms of industry automation in Taiwan, like: Delta Electronics, Inc., and TECO, Inc., have used MR2 on their product R&D and QA.



Services Offered: System Integration

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Hardware In the Loop

The automatic tester and real-time emulator is constructed by the Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation technique, where one or more physical systems, e.g. motors or machineries, can be emulated and interact with the device under test (DUT) in real time. The emulator offers indispensable features included:



The automatic tester is constructed by a pair of coupled motors, where one is driven by the drive under test and the other is driven to provide configurable testing load profiles. Based on the Graphical System Design (GSD) environment, the testing profiles can be easily designated from the built-in library or user-defined curves, and the test results are smoothly displayed on the screen in real time. The tester offers indispensable features included:



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