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APEX is a supplier of turbomachinery test and analysis solutions with a proven record of delivering integrated, reliable, industry-leading software applications world-wide. Our company operates under the highest ethical standards and is dedicated to customer satisfaction by delivering what we promise and servicing what we sell. Our goal is to not only be a reliable supplier, but also a test partner for our customers. At APEX, we bring our years of industry knowledge and experience directly to you through the many solutions we provide. Our consultants and products address every phase of turbomachinery vibration test and analysis to increase your overall efficiency, effectiveness and success



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 2000


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Data Acquisition, Generation


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PXI Streaming & Synchronization


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Address: 1039 Parkway Drive , Spring Hill, Tennessee United States
Phone: 931-486-0081




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Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




Apex & NI Data Acquisition Solution

Powerful Data Acquisition software integrated with multiple NI hardware options to provide our customers a standard, yet customizable turn-key solution for their data acquisition needs.


APEX DS Complete PXIe-1085 Modular Chassis Solution

High-channel count systems with a wide range of I/O options, use integrated signal conditioning modules or pair with external signal conditioning to expand system capability


APEX DS Ultra-Portable USB cDAQ Data Acquisition Solution

Measure voltage, acceleration and sound in highly compact configuration using integrated IEPE signal conditioning and digitizer.


APEX DS Highly-Portable CompactRIO/CompactDAQ Data Acquisition Solution

Pair Precision Filters signal conditioning modules with NI 24-bit digitizers and APEX DS control and analysis software for a complete rotating machinery acquisition system for strain, dynamic strain, bridge and charge measurements.


APEX DS Portable PXIe-1082 Data Acquisition Solution

Portable systems with a wide range of I/O options including integrated signal conditioning for voltage, acceleration, microphone and strain measurements.




Hardware Products

Datatel Telemetry System

Datatel is an industry leader, providing advanced turn-key telemetry systems for blade vibration, dynamic or static pressure and temperature surveys on industrial turbomachinery.


28000 Modular Signal Conditioning System

Signal Conditioning System can be combined with any Data Acquisition System for aid in measuring strain. Pair with Data Acquisition System controlled by APEX DS software for a complete acquisition solution.


Signal Workbench Signal Conditioning System

Programmable Signal Conditioner, supports 9460 series 4 channel cards. Pair with Data Acquisition System controlled by APEX DS software for a complete acquisition solution.


Software Products

DS-Dynamic Data Acquisition Software

DS software provides set up and control of dynamic data acquisition systems (DDAS) from a variety of digitizer, signal conditioning and data acquisition hardware manufacturers.


DX-Offline Signal Processing Environment

DX is an easy to use, graphical, signal processing environment that simplifies analysis and reporting of dynamic data.


Blade Timing Signal Processing Software (AKA NSMS)

APEX BT is a data analysis software product for post-processing tip timing data from laser-based and capacitance-based tip timing systems (also known as NSMS).



Case Studies

Power Gene­ra­tion Data Acqui­si­tion Case Studies Utilizing NI PXI Hardware

APEX has provided several turn-key solutions to our customers in the Power Generation industry utilizing the NI 4497, 4464, 4331 and other NI PXI cards.



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