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Sohatex GmbH is specialist for development of measurement and control software for every type of system. From this expertise, the flagship product CRIISTAL ™ has been developed. This innovative product allows the user to implement both simple measurement and complex regulatory and control tasks extremely user friendly and without the need of programming. Since 2014, the Sohatex GmbH also acts as a customer-oriented Alliance Partner to use the extensive experience in individual customer projects. The service includes the development and implementation of custom software solutions for control, regulation and monitoring of test rigs and production facilities, as well as the control of combustion engines ("Rapid Control Prototyping" and "Next-Cycle Control"). The NI platforms used include cRIO, PXI, SCXI, and cDAQ.



Services Offered: Software Consulting, System Integration

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Established 2013


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Top Industries


Electrical Machinery/Equipment

R&D Labs (Non-Academic)


Top Application Areas

3rd Party Integration

Data Acquisition, Generation

Embedded Systems

Test and Measurement


NI Hardware

CompactRIO/R Series

Data Acquisition


NI Software



LabVIEW Real-Time





Address: Getreidemarkt 9 , Vienna, Vienna Austria
Phone: 00436766025895


Address: Alszeile 105 / 7 , Vienna, Vienna Austria
Phone: 4369917448076




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Products, Solutions, and Case Studies




Airplane full scale test bench

The tested airplane is placed on eight LabVIEW-controlled hydraulic cylinders to perform load tests in an easy and efficient way.



Software Products


CRIISTAL™ is versatile software for measurement and control in the R&D and industrial fields. It eliminates the need for software development by end users completely by using modern user interface features like drag and drop. The modular nature of CRIISTAL allows for fast and easy adaption to your application.



Case Studies

Flexible Control of an Engine on a Test Bench Using the NI Engine Control System at the Institute for Powertrains and Automotive Technology

Creating a fully customizable control system for diesel engines that can deliver every possible exhaust gas composition at different temperatures to support research.



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