SubSea Vision Measurement and Inspection System

Solution by: Prolucid Technologies Inc

A vision inspection system with correlated high speed underwater cRIO based magnetic field data with motion control for a SubSea mooring line inspection system.

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An NI Vision solution for visual inspection with cRIO for high speed data capture for SubSea mooring line inspection. A fiber link transmits all of the high speed video and sensor data to the surface for control, monitoring and logging. An embedded FPGA / cRIO application is used to capture high speed magnetic sensors at 250KHz using multiplexed high speed analog and digital switching. We also developed motion controlled stepper motors and feedback sensors for tracking the motion, with additional parameters for pressure and geometry data. Everything is presented visually in real time to the operator at the surface, using a LabVIEW application for viewing and inspecting the data both in real time and for post job playback and analysis.

  • Using NI Vision, the application can track speed and calculate cable diameter using an edge detection algorithm using 4 cameras.
  • Softmotion and a stepper motor control allows the operator to remotely control and monitor precise positioning
  • 5 simultaneous camera videos are used for measurement and recorded to disk for post job playback and processing
  • A visually rich user interface was built in LabVIEW for viewing all the live data, allowing motion control interface and to view graphs, calculated data and to manage the logged system, including complete job playback for post analysis
  • Customer project details can all be entered and tracked with every job session, including the necessary configuration setup
  • Vision inspection that solves the problem of identifying the degradation and damage to components using high speed data processing and real-time visualization by
  • High Speed (250KS/s) cRIO DAQ allows minimal hardware to multiplex an array of sensors, saving significant daq hardware cost and space requirements.
  • Excellent visual capabilities in both graphing as well as vision analysis and display
  • The flexibility of using LabVIEW in this solution, has provided a fast development platform
NI System Content
  • LabVIEW 2015 PC/RT/FPGA
  • NI Vision
  • cRIO-9036
  • NI-9512
  • NI-9222
  • NI-9205
  • NI-9401

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