Automotive Radar - Target Simulator 77GHz

Solution by: Konrad GmbH

77 GHz Radar Target Simulator with KT GUI… Verification of hard- and software for new radar sensors

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Based on the National Instruments VRTS, an active radar-simulator, Konrad Technologies developed an editor, which allows the user to generate complex scenarios that can be automatically replayed. National Instruments VRTS 77 GHz Radar Target Simulator is built into Konrad ABex as a Production System 19” 6HE Rack; all electronics and RF components are integrated in one box with Antenna ports for remote antenna connection. With our flexible software solution and extensive experience with designing complex test-systems, we are excited to be your partner for testing and validating your radar sensors. This applies not only to the current generation of radar systems, but also for the next generation of “imaging” radars.

  • Effective simulation of complex scenarios; useful for investigating, validating, or testing various radar sensors.
  • Ability to characterize sensor output signal
  • Scalable and highly extensible solution available in multiple configurations
  • 76GHz to 82GHz NI VRTS (virtual radar target simulator) with the ability to manage real-time scenario parameters
  • Configurable, variable target speed during a scenario
  • LabVIEW-based and thereby extensible
  • 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth
  • Depending on system configuration, both lateral and radial targets can be simulated simultaneously
  • Scenarios can be created to simulate common automotive events like lane changes, passing a car, a car crossing an intersection, etc.
  • Gateway functionality to receive target information over other interfaces, like CAN, Ethernet to enable sensor fusion or HIL style-testing
NI System Content
  • National Instruments VRTS

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