Steering Test Bench / Lenkungsprüfstand

Solution by: ITK Engineering GmbH

We deliver test cells for mechatronic components (e.g. steering & brake systems, suspension struts, roll stabilizers, electric motors) for highly dynamic and realtistc test runs.

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We deliver test cells for mechatronic components (mechanical construction + ECU (Electronic Control Unit) + actuator) with the following focus: # Highly dynamic and realistic test runs # High demands on test bench closed-loop control regarding quality & complexity (multivariable control, strongly coupled control, …) # Tests in virtual environment combined with classical test bench operation: Component-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop, residual bus simulation, vehicle simulation models, maneuver-based testing # Test objects: # (Electric Power) Steering Systems # (Active) Suspension Struts # (Active) Roll Stabilizers # (Active) Brake Systems # Electric Motors # Powerpacks (Electric Motor & ECU)

  • Run defined test sequences
  • Run test sequences, recorded during previous test drives
  • Steering motion can also be performed manually with a steering wheel (Driver-in-the Loop)
  • Haptics and subjective driving feel can be evaluated directly on the test bench
  • Integration of vehicle simulation models possible, also maneuver-based testing
  • Minimize costly road tests with test vehicles
  • Highly dynamic feedback control
  • Automated feedback controller design
  • Enables realistic testing
  • Target force values can be reproduced on the test bench and controlled dynamically over a range up to 25 kN
NI System Content
  • NI PXI Real-Time System
  • NI VeriStand
  • NI LabVIEW
  • NI LabVIEW Real-Time
  • NI X-Series Multifunctional DAQ
  • NI Embedded Network X-NET Products (CAN, FlexRay)

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