DAQ 7200

Solution by: WinSoft Inc.

PXI based DAQ & Break out Box (BOB) which provides access to your choice of signals while the system is running.

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The DAQ 7200 is a mini data acquisition system which provides access to your signals while the system is running. It is an ideal DAQ for R&D environment, as well as low quantity production, while maintaining a small foot print. The core of this DAQ is a PXI Chassis, a built in breakout box (banana jacks), ZIF connectors for connectivity to the DUT, general purpose thermocouples and TCP/IP ports. The user can configure which channels will be monitored, displayed and recorded. The signals can be sampled through the test point while being connected to the DUT for troubleshooting. The current configuration includes a combination of Analog (single-ended and differential), Frequency, Discrete, LVDT, Thermocouples, Resistance, ARINCA429, CAN and video signals.

  • PXI based DAQ
  • ARINC, CAN, USB, Video and ZIF connectors
  • Customized LabVIEW S/W
  • Service loop for front door signals
  • Integrated test points
  • Integrated thermocouple connectors
  • Custom digital, analog and RF connectors
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