Pump Test Facility Software

Solution by: Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd

Develop integrated system to conduct Performance Tests on multiple test facilities simultaneously. Process, store all acquired data,display status of test results in API standards format.

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Pump Test Facility software (PTFS) allows the users to confidently test and certify pumps as per API standards. This internal QC procedure allows our customer to test their products prior to dispatch and ensure that their clients get what is committed. These pumps are used for pumping oil from Offshore to land. The PTFS provides the customer wih internal Test certificate for all pumps. The report includes performance curve and NPSH test data, with vibration and sound levels for the same. The software can be used to test both Horizontal and Vertical pumps.

  • Administrative level of security for test facility selection, conducting test and report generation
  • Test Report for 3 different test-
  • HQ (Performance) test Report
  • NPSH test Report
  • Mechanical Run Test Report
  • Sound & Vibration Test Report
  • Sample calculation Report for each test result
  • Test data stored in memory
  • Multiple test conducted simultaneously saves time
  • Generates Quality certificates & Calibration Certificates
  • Automated test process reduces any human error
NI System Content
  • LabVIEW FPGA 8.6
  • Sound & Vibration measurement toolkit 5.0
  • NI MODBUS Toolkit
  • compactRIO System
  • LabVIEW RT 8.6

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