Konrad Inline Test Cell – the LEON Inline Tiny

Solution by: Konrad GmbH

Low-cost inline test system for FCT, ICT and Boundary Scan with integrated ABEX and up to 1500 test points.

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Konrad's latest innovation, TinyCell is part of the LEON family of ICT / FCT test systems. It incorporates the robust ABex - Analog Bus extension - backplane as well as automated board handling, and is an economical volume manufacturing system for electronics manufacturers.

  • In-Line handler with integrated ABex test system
  • ABex analog bus extension default
  • Maximum 16 embedded PCB testers in parallel (per chassis)
  • 86 ... 1032 test points
  • 86 ... 1536 test points with underframe
  • High flexibility through vast availability of instruments
  • Additional functional test
  • Boundary scan test
  • In-system programming
  • Interchangeable fixtures
  • Contacting from two sides
  • High volume test
  • Integrated ABex test system
  • Unlimited and freely programmable contacting positions
  • Open Platform PXI
  • No limit in PCB thickness
  • Fixture compatibility to LEON Fixture
  • Re-use from manual Fixture in the inline
  • Low-cost VG interface or pylon interface
  • Stackable for minimum floor space
NI System Content
  • Open Platform PXI
  • PXI-Chassis, MXI-Interface

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