Rugged and Portable Field Test System

Solution by: G Systems, L.P.

Ruggedized for field use in a variety of industries, these automated test systems use NI Compact-RIO and custom hardware to operate in the harshest conditions.

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We know that field-testing and troubleshooting requires that test systems be rugged and portable. Equipment that could normally be used inside a laboratory might not meet the environmental or size requirements for field testing. Our expertise with rugged platforms like CompactRIO and experience with the harsh environments of aerospace and energy applications allows us to take existing applications or ideas and make solutions that are rugged enough to fully accomplish what customers need. Custom Systems: Automated test and measurement systems for use in a wide variety of industries and applications. Rugged Design: Based on NI Compact-RIO and custom hardware to operate in the harshest conditions. Compact and Portable: Perfect for field testing and other applications where size and weight matter.

  • The new system greatly reduces the amount of operator interaction, automatically controlling switches through digital outputs and collecting/storing analog readings through a data acquisition (DAQ) module rather than using a handheld DMM
  • This is a rugged, portable system that is used for field testing
  • Reduce Test Time by 5X
  • Reduce Test System Size and Weight
  • Increased Ease of Use
  • Improved Reliability
  • Cost Savings
  • System uses NI and custom hardware that meets stringent mil-spec requirements MIL-STD-810E and MIL-PRF
NI System Content
  • Compact RIO
  • LabVIEW Real-Time

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