UTP 9085 LTE NAD System

Solution by: Noffz ComputerTechnik GmbH

Flash, Calibration, Verification & Packaging System for Network Access Devices (NAD)

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The NOFFZ UTP 9085 System is one production unit with combined multiple flashing, calibration, and verification as well as subsequent packaging stations for LTE NAD Modules (DUTs). In generally the System can operate fully automated and in parallel. So more than 60 modules are fed into the machine and are detected in a scanner position. Then the portal system moves the modules to the flash stations which can program 8 DUTs in parallel. Besides that the calibration can be done in 4 RF Chambers. In 4 separate verification stations the DUTs are checked on all Parameters, before the portal system moves the DUTs into the packaging / label station. All stations are integrated into the customer’s existing iTAC traceability system.

  • mulitple stations with flashing of embedded module software
  • automatic handling and full traceability
  • variant management for several product version
  • RF calibration in all worldwide bands
  • RF verification in separate RF test chambers
  • reporting and result tracking into MES System
  • automatic packaging of modules and label printing
  • high performance and less testing time
  • parallel execution with Non-Signalling Test
  • fully automated system
NI System Content
  • several NI WTS with 16 ports
  • multiple NI PXI Systems

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