RP-6100 Multi-Channel RF Record & Playback

Solution by: Averna

The RP-6100 records real-world signals like GNSS, HD Radio and WiFi/LTE – plus impairments – to advance your RF projects. Portable, desktop and rackmount models.

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Averna’s RP-6100 Series sets a new standard for RF application testing. Record real-world signals like GNSS, HD Radio, LTE, and WiFi – plus impairments – to significantly advance your projects and harden product designs. With up to 4 channels and 160 MHz of recording bandwidth, a 10–6000 MHz frequency range, tight channel synchronization, and up to 16 TB of storage, this is one of the most powerful and cost-effective R&P solutions on the market. Preloaded with RF Studio, a state-of-the-art workflow tool, the RP-6100 Series lets you quickly set up your recordings, add contextual data, visualize weak signals, and analyze your collected RF environments to validate and fine-tune your RF product designs and applications.

  • Frequency range of 10–6000 MHz, covering all GNSS bands (L1, L2 and L5)
  • Multi-channel (1-4): Up to 4x40 MHz or 2x80 MHz bandwidth at 14-bit resolution (< 1 Hz)
  • User-friendly analysis tools: Noise Figure, Spectrum, Power, and Histogram views
  • 3.8 TB SSD storage or 16 TB HDD storage (for up to 20 hours of recordings)
  • Supports ATSC, Bluetooth, DAB, DVB-T, FM, GNSS, HD Radio (FM), IBOC, RDS/TMC, WiFi, etc.
  • Four models: RP-6120 (2 ch.), RP-6120P (2 ch. portable), RP-6120D (2 ch. desktop), and RP-6140 (4 ch.)
  • Portable: Includes laptop + rugged case; can run on 12V or battery (~40 minutes); DriveView option
  • Captures real-world RF for repeatable lab testing to accelerate RF receiver designs
  • Enables developers to build libraries of authentic RF signals and impairments for multiple projects
  • Saves on expensive field recording trips
  • Can capture up to 160 MHz bandwidth at the same time
  • RF Studio software enables quick recording setups, playback and in-depth analysis
NI System Content
  • 783144-01 - PC ACC RoHS 2 CHANNELS 120MHz USRP X300 DC/6GHz
  • 783775-01 - PC ACC RoHS UBX 160 USRP DAUGHTERBOARD 160MHz 10M/6GHz
  • 783173-01 - 10 MHz GPSDO board

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