VERDI - SOM-based Embedded Prototype to Product

Solution by: Viewpoint Systems, Inc.

VERDI is an ecosystem of proven hardware and software that aids in the development of NI SOM-based industrial embedded systems by reducing up-front engineering risk.

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How does it work? VERDI utilizes a library of pre-existing hardware sub-circuits and software modules combined with custom hardware and software as needed to create an embedded controller based on the NI SOM RIO (System On Module Reconfigurable IO) to meet your specific needs. Who is it for? VERDI is intended for industrial equipment manufacturers. Applications are targeted toward monitoring and control of industrial equipment, machines, and instruments. Potential industries include: •Energy •Rail •Industrial equipment and instrumentation

  • GPS – The GPS module provides position and timing information.
  • Analog Input - The analog input module provides up to 8 channels of simultaneous sampling at 100 kS/s with up to 200 kS/s possible.
  • Analog Output – The analog output module provides up to 8 analog output channels with an update rate up to 50 kHz, configurable with simultaneous or staggered updates.
  • See other modules at
  • Proven hardware and software to reduce NRE and risk with library of pre-existing modules (hardware sub-circuits and/or software)
  • Shorten Time To Market
  • Reduce development risk and timeline
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