High-speed Digital Record And Playback

Solution by: Viewpoint Systems, Inc.

High-speed digital record and playback

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For algorithm development and debug of high-data-rate systems Do you develop complex electronic systems such as radar, communication systems, RF sensors, imaging, or video? Are you responsible for testing and/or algorithm development? Debug faster and more methodically - Reconcile real-time algorithms with models and provide repeatable stimulus during algorithm debug and optimization. Reduce Test Setup Time & Costs - Set up your test environment once, collect a bunch of data, and re-use the data over and over. Reduce Your Development Cycle - Enable concurrent off-line analysis, algorithm development, and test. See http://www.viewpointusa.com/test-measurement/drap-digital-record-and-playback/ for more info.

  • API service directory – start/stop record, start/stop playback, query system status, and loopback test
  • Data stream to file conversion handling
  • Hardware abstraction layer – interface translation for hardware interfaces (e.g. FlexRIO, HS Serial, DAQmx, R Series)
  • Various low-level implementation details required for data buffering, recording, and manipulation of high-speed data
  • Repeatable stimulus – enables faster debugging
  • Model vs real-time algorithm reconciliation – enables better understanding of subtle differences
  • Slow down playback – to assist with synchronization with external equipment or devices
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  • PXI-based

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